VDP spa Fonderia S.p.A..

A VDP casting is something that is beyond the productive effort. 
For more than three generations, we have been committed to discover, learn and develop the melting process and the secrets of creating a cast iron casting.

Today we have materialized this knowledge through a modern foundry with a human and technological feature, provided with several working and environmental security systems to ensure castings with extraordinary performances in terms of reliability and structural integrity.

The integrity of our products is reflected in our production process: we believe that the strongest part of a casting is represented by the co-operation for the benefit of the customer, the absolute beneficiary of the performances of our products.  

Whenever we mould a casting for you, which might be 1 kg or 100 tonnes, we feel responsible towards our duties as men and workers. The daily dedication to the VDP working method has made us one of the leading market players for castings used in the naval, energy, construction field as well as in further destinations.



VDP, da sempre attenta all'innovazione tecnologica ed a strutture che garantiscano la massima sicurezza negli ambienti lavorativi [..]


-castings produced by the automatic casting system.
- castings produced by the manual casting system .